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We’vebeendedicated toprotectingourcountrysideandh

and theseproductshavebeencarefullyselectedbyWestmi

ourethicalandenvironmentalstandards.Asacharitywe re

helpus lookafterthiscountry’sspecialplaces– forever, fo


Producedunder licence fromTheNationalTrust (Enterprises)Limited

Inspiredby tradition



NationalTrust landscapecollection

TheNationalTrusthavebeenworking togetherwithestablishedpaving

manufacturerWestminsterStone tocreateacollectionofauthentic

pavingand landscapingproducts, launchedat theChelseaFlowerShow

2011. Inspiration forthecollectionhasbeendrawn from theproperties

and landscapescared forby theNationalTrust.


TheCotswoldManorrange takes its inspiration from the famous

NationalTrustgardensatHidcoteandSnowshill.The range reflects the

warmmellowtonesof traditionalCotswoldbuildings.


TheCountryHouse rangeoffersa touchofclassicgardenheritage

inspiredby thegrandeurand formalityof thenation’sfinest



TheKitchenGarden range isdesigned to reflect the tr

wonderfulworkinggardens sooften foundatNationa

It includesproductswithwarmthandcharactersuitab

garden settings.


TheRomanVilla rangeof tilesandedgingscaptures th

Mediterranean.Thedesignhasbeen inspiredbyRoma

andpavingatNationalTrust sitesacross thecountry.






Formore informationabout theNationalTrust landsc

visit: orc



NT_Spread.indd 1-2

Rectangular Flagstones

- National Trust Landscape Collection Pages 30 - 31

- Old Yorkshire Street, Old Lancashire Mill,

Old Castle Blend & Chelsea Gold Page 34

- Yorkstone & Weathered York Page 38

- HenSlate, Old Cotswold & Farmhouse Cream Page 42

- Natural Stone - LivingStone Pages 44 - 49

Cobbles, Setts & Bricks

- Old Castle Cobble Setts Page 37

- Jacobean Paving Bricks Page 37

- LivingStone Natural Stone Page 47


- Old Provence Tiles Pages 40 - 41

- Aegean Cream (Travertine) Page 49

Circle Features

- Flagstone Classic Rotarea Pages 36 & 39

- Old Castle Stone Page 37

- Old Provence Classic Rotarea Page 41

- LivingStone Natural Stone Pages 44 - 49

Octagon Features

- Flagstone Classic Octagon Pages 35 & 38

- Old Provence Classic Octagon Page 40


- Grosvenor Accessories - Steps, Gulleys & Kerbstones

Pages 34 - 35

- Mill Stones, Troughs, Planters, OakStone & Edgings

Page 43

Livingstone Natural Stone

- Flagstones, Setts & Circles Pages 44 - 49


Pages 50 - 53

Decorative Aggregates

Page 54

T r a d i t i o n a l


t i m e l e s s s t y l e

pa g e s 4 t o 9

R e n a i s s a n c e


c h a n g i n g , e v o l v i n g

pa g e s 1 0 t o 1 5

C o n t e m p o r a r y


c l a s s i c s o f t h e f u t u r e

pag e s 17 t o 1 9

C l a s s i c


e n d u r i n g d e s i g n

page s 20 t o 25

P e r i o d


i n t e r i o r f l o o r i n g

page s 27 t o 29

N a t i o n a l Tr u s t


l a n d s c a p e c o l l e c t i o n

page s 30 t o 31

I n f o r m a t i v e


t e c h n i c a l i n f o

page s 32 t o 43

L i v i n g s t o n e -

n a t u r a l s t o n e

page s 32 t o 43

P o r c e l a i n -

P a v i n g & f l o o r i n g

page s 50 t o 53

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