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6/7/11 1:00:37PM

Westminster Stone manufacture a range of traditional reproduction Flagstones, Antique Tiles and Features for exterior and interior use, an intended variation in colour and hues enhances the overall effect of all products within the Westminster Stone

ranges of fibre reinforced reconstructed stone reproductions. (All reproductions are fibre reinforced). Westminster Stone cannot be held responsible for efflorescence, a naturally occurring phenomenon inherent in all highly cementious products; this

may temporarily effect the colour or tone, but will not effect the performance of the concrete. Neither can Westminster Stone be held responsible for the possible effects of applying some chemical based products to any concrete surface; some weed

killers, for example, could have a detrimental effect, check the bottle or packaging before purchase. Westminster Stone cannot be held responsible for the effects of de-icing salts, this may also be detrimental to the surface of all concrete. Westminster

Stone cannot be held responsible for the effects of abuse, poor workmanship, or inappropriate ground preparation. Our policy is one of continuous improvement, innovation and development, and as such we reserve the right to change specifications

without notice. Westminster Stone Company Limited claim copyright on all reproductions. Applications for Design Registration and Trade Name Registration on products within this brochure are currently being processed. This brochure, or any

part of it may not be reproduced without the written consent of Westminster Stone, nor may it be modified or tampered with without written permission.





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